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Get the Facts about the Termination of Child Support

A New Jersey child support termination attorney can advise you based on your situation and assist you if you have a valid reason for seeking to terminate or modify support sooner than the age parameters for your situation.


Both parents are obligated by law to support their children financially following divorce. And most parents want to support their children. But if you are the parent paying child support, you may wonder how long you will have to pay and when it can be terminated. Child support in New Jersey generally continues untila child is deemed emancipated as defined under New Jersey Law. However, it could go longer or shorter, depending on the specific and/or unique factors involved in your case.

How an Experienced Child Support Termination Lawyer Can Help You

Wondering how much longer you will have to pay child support for your children?  Speak with one of our child support attorneys at [MFR] Men’s & Fathers’ Rights Divorce Lawyers to help you work out your exit strategy. If you are a custodial parent and the paying parent is trying to terminate support earlier than ordered by the court or before your childis deemed emancipated , we can help you, too. Call us for help at (201) 880-9770.

Why Choose Carrie S. Schultz and Her Team for Help?

Widely recognized Hackensack family lawyer Carrie S. Schultz fervently protects the rights of divorced parents and the best interests of children. She and her team of experienced attorneys have decades of legal experience in New Jersey and exclusively practice family law, allowing them an undivided focus on divorce and related issues that affect families, including child support matters. When you choose MFR for guidance with your child support termination issue, you will receive:
  • Honest & ethical advice: We will always be straight with you, even if what we say is not what you want to hear.
  • Responsive legal support: We will not leave you waiting days for an answer. We seek to address questions and concerns within 24 hours whenever possible.
  • Cost-conscious services: While we are not the least expensive family law firm out there, we are not the most expensive either. We will take cost into account while working to effectively meet your needs.
You can learn more about us by reading these reviews from previous clients we have helped. We are also pleased to tell you that our law firm has a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.
We know that choosing a law firm is not something to be taken lightly—the lawyer you choose could mean the difference in the outcome of your case. To meet us and learn whether we are the right attorneys for your matter, contact us to arrange a case evaluation.

How We Can Help You

Child support payments are not set in stone. In some situations, they may be terminated or modified if the circumstances warrant it. We can help you by:
  • Ensuring you understand the law and the termination deadline as it applies to your child support obligation.
  • Reviewing the facts of your case to determine whether there is good cause to seek termination.
  • Assisting with the legal process of having your child declared emancipated, if applicable.
  • Filing the motion for a change to child support if your financial circumstances or those of your ex-spouse have changed significantly.
Additionally, if you are the parent receiving payments and the other parent is seeking to end support that is established in an agreement or court order, we can represent your interests before the court.

What the Law Says About Terminating Child Support in New Jersey

Under N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67, unless there is a court order, judgment, or agreement in place that extends it. It may be extended up to the age of 23 if the child:
  • Attends college, trade school, vocational school, or other postsecondary education full time
  • Or there is another agreement in place granted by the court.
Support can go longer than age 23 if a child has a severe physical or mental disability that causes them to be financially dependent on their parents. Child support termination can be a sensitive and complex topic for many parents. If you believe you have a good reason to terminate child support, contact our law firm to arrange a case evaluation. We will review your situation and help you understand your rights. Call us at (201) 880-9770.

Notification of Termination of Child Support

If your child was not previously emancipated and the Probation Department has you listed for your support to end when your child turns 19, , you and the other parent will receive an administrative notice from the state 180 days before support is ending. If your ex-spouse does not respond that they wish support to continue, another notice will be sent 90 days before support ends. If there is still no objection from your ex during that time period, your obligation to make support payments will terminate. If there is a court order that extends payments beyond the age of 19, your obligation will endpursuant to the terms of the Court’s Order. . If your ex-spouse asks for a continuation of child support and you do not agree with it, we can assist you in disputing it if the situation calls for it.

Contact an Experienced Child Support Termination Attorney in Hackensack, NJ

We know that you care about your children and want them to retain the standard of living they had prior to your divorce. Still, paying child support can be hard if your life situation has changed a lot since your support agreement. If you are wondering about the termination of child support and when you can legally stop paying, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Bergen County child support lawyers at [MFR] Men’s & Fathers’ Rights Divorce Lawyers.
You can schedule a case evaluation with a New Jersey child support termination attorney by calling (201) 880-9770.

FAQs about Child Support Termination

New Jersey Child Support Termination Attorney Answers FAQs

We get many questions from parents about child support, how long it lasts, and whether it can be stopped when situations change. The following are some of the concerns that we commonly hear.

First, you must remember that child support is the right of children, and both parents are required to provide financially for their kids. Unless you have a legally valid reason to stop paying, you cannot simply stop. If you do have a reason to stop or modify how much you pay, we can help you take your request for termination/modification to the court. If the other parent disputes your stopping payments, they may be required to show the judge why payments should not be stopped or modified.

Reasons for changing child support are very case specific. Possible reasons could include job loss of the paying parent, a significant increase in income of the parent receiving support, or that the child could be considered emancipated, which you may have to prove to the court. If the other parent is not using the support money to the child’s benefit but rather for their own needs, that may also be a reason to seek termination/modification.

No — you cannot simply stop paying child support because your ex is not adhering to the visitation agreement. You must continue to pay not only for the sake of your child, but because you could face serious financial and legal consequences if you stop, including wage garnishments, asset seizure, suspension of your driver’s license or professional licenses that you may have, and even possible arrest. If your ex-spouse is not allowing you to see your children in keeping with the custody/visitation order, speak with a child custody attorney from our law firm for help.

That depends.  You may be able to terminate support; however, it will depend upon all the circumstances of the situation, including why they have dropped out, whether your child plans to return to college full time and their age. You will have to file a request with the court to change the order. If your child has dropped out and you wish to explore stopping child support, speak to a New Jersey child support termination attorney from MFR.   You should request a modification of child support, however, if your child is in college and especially if living on campus.

You can reach out to us to negotiate an adjustment of Child Support, or, as a last resort, file a motion with the court to have the child support amount adjusted. The new amount will be based on your current income—so your payment could decrease, but it could also potentially increase if you make significantly more money than when the order was put in place. Talk to one of our attorneys for guidance if you are concerned about an increase in support payments.
These answers are general and do not constitute legal advice for your specific situation. To get answers for your unique case contact our law firm at (201) 880-9770.

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