I plan to give up my baby for adoption | What are my rights?

You have most likely given the matter of adoption a great deal of thought. Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that giving up your child to loving parents is absolutely the right thing to do. Despite this, you seem to have some concerns about your side of the adoption process and this is a perfectly natural response. You do indeed have rights as a birth parent and it is a wise idea to become familiar with those rights before signing any documentation. Below you will find a brief outline of your rights as a New Jersey birth parent considering adoption for your child.
  • The right to meet prospective parents for your child
  • The right to choose the adoptive family for your child
  • The right to make an adoption plan
  • The right to request contact with, or information about, the child after adoption
  • The right to receive free and confidential counseling about the adoption
  • The right to waive the counseling option
  • The right to be free from pressure about adopting out your child
In addition to your rights, there are other important things you should know about adoption. For example, it is perfectly legal to accept gifts or money from the adoptive parents. On the other hand, if you change your mind before the process is finalized, you will not have to repay any help or financial assistance you have received. Further, the act of accepting gifts or money does not obligate you to place your baby up for adoption. Birth parents and adoptive parents can complete the adoption process without legal representation, but for many attorney guidance is beneficial. This helps ensure your rights are protected as well as those of the prospective parents. You can also learn details about New Jersey adoption laws by speaking with an attorney. Source: Adoptions from the Heart, “Know Your Rights,” accessed May 11, 2016

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