New Jersey divorce issues: Save some attention for the kids

Deciding to end a marriage can take a huge emotional toll on both spouses. When the couple has children, the consequences reach even further. Children do not always understand what is happening or why the divorce will be better than staying married. Kids can experience all kinds of reactions from fear and anger to withdrawal and self-isolation. If left unaddressed, some of the effects of divorce on children can carry through to the rest of the child’s life. As family law attorneys, we strive to service everyone in the family, including the children. We must often do this from a distance by gently guiding the parent in ways that we know through experience are effective. One of the greatest services we provide is helping the divorcing parents to maintain at least a portion of their focus on the children of divorce. We know how difficult it can be to divide their focus when their life seems to be crumbling around them. We are very proud of the children-focused advice and guidance we offer parents going through a divorce. From helping a parent create a plan to tell the children about the divorce to reminding them not to use the children as weapons, we take an active role in servicing the entire family unit. If you are divorcing and are having trouble keeping your attention on the children in a healthy way, consider using your divorce lawyer as a resource. Our law firm is located in Bergen County, New Jersey, and a staff member can always take your questions or help you schedule a case evaluation. You can learn more about our firm’s morals and values by exploring our legal website.

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