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Protecting Your Wealth When Your Marriage Is Ending

No divorce is simple, but marriage breaks up with high financial stakes have their own unique intricacies.

mfr If you are considering divorcing, you are probably rightly concerned about how you will come out of the process. Will you lose what you have worked so hard to build? Or will you get an outcome that is fair to you and your ex-spouse and safeguards your children’s futures?
At [MFR] Men’s & Fathers’ Rights Divorce Lawyers, our experienced attorneys work vehemently to protect the rights and interests of our clients who are divorcing. Call our New Jersey law firm at (201) 880-9770 to arrange a case evaluation and learn how we can help you keep more of what is yours.

Why Work with Our Law Firm?

Experience counts a lot when looking for a law firm to handle your divorce. Especially if you are an affluent individual with complex assets and properties. You want to work with a law firm serving Englewood that has a long record of success in achieving advantageous results in high-net-worth divorce cases. We are that firm. Consider the following:
  • Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling divorce and family law cases. And we focus only on divorce and family law, so we are never distracted by other legal areas.
  • Carrie S. Schultz, the law firm’s founder, is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney. This certification means that she has demonstrated strong competence in order to meet the court’s strict certification criteria that less than 3% of all attorneys in the State hold.
  • We are well-respected within the legal profession and by our valued clients. See these reviews to learn what past clients have to say about us.
Additionally, we do not overload our attorneys with cases. We accept a limited number of matters so that we can deliver highly responsive and personalized assistance. You will never be left hanging and waiting to have your legal concerns addressed.

How We Can Help You

There are numerous issues to be worked out and decisions to be made in divorce, especially in high-asset cases. If these issues are addressed in the wrong way, you could end up paying the price with widespread impact for a long time to come. When we handle your divorce, we will ensure that you understand how the process works, your rights and responsibilities, and the potential outcome of every decision, whether it relates to property division, alimony payments, paying for your child’s college expenses, or anything else.

Negotiate Your Divorce Settlement

Your divorce may be contested or uncontested depending on whether you and your spouse are able to agree on the issues. If agreement is a possibility, we can help you negotiate a settlement that is fair to both of you and protects your interests. Once an agreement is reached, it can be signed off by the court.

Advocate for You at Trial

On the other hand, if your divorce is contested, meaning you are not able to reach agreement, we will build a strong case to take before the court. We will argue persuasively before the judge as we work to get you the outcome that you are seeking.

Advising You through Every Step

Every step in divorce must be handled correctly. If it isn’t it can delay completion of divorce, cause undue stress, cost you money, and affect your life and that of your family into the future. Our divorce attorneys serving Englewood clients have the extensive experience necessary to make the process as smooth and advantageous as possible for the circumstances.

Englewood Divorce Attorney Answers FAQs

Read on to learn more about divorce in New Jersey based on common questions we get from affluent clients.

How much and for how long you pay depends on a great deal of factors, including the length of your marriage, the standard of living established in the marriage, your respective earning capacities and educational levels, and other factors. You can see all the criteria used in determining alimony in N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b) .  It really is case by case unique to each matter.

While we do not dislike women—our founder is a woman—we have a special focus on standing up for men & Fathers’ rights in divorce. The law doesn’t consider gender. But sometimes, men are not treated equally in divorce proceedings. By focusing on men’s & Fathers’ rights we seek to ensure that the playing field is leveled.

How a business is or is not divided and more regularly how that business is valued, is determined by various factors. Some of them include when you started your business, whether your spouse contributed to it, whether you put in place a prenup or mid-marriage agreement for the business, and any bylaws or shareholder agreements that address what happens in divorce. Once we understand the facts, our Englewood divorce lawyer can devise a plan designed to safeguard your business.

You may be able to appeal if the judge made a legal error or there was another issue of the law. You cannot ask for an appeal just because you are unhappy with the outcome. One of our Englewood divorce attorneys can advise you whether you have grounds.
We can provide answers specific to your divorce situation when we speak with you.

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[MFR] Men’s & Fathers’ Rights Divorce Lawyers understand the unique concerns of high-asset individuals who are divorcing. to keep the wealth that you have worked so hard to build intact.
When you trust a divorce attorney for Englewood with your divorce, you can trust that you will receive honest and knowledgeable guidance intended to protect your financial future. Call us at (201) 880-9770 to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

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