October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month

If you are like me and you own pit bulls, you know exactly how wrong the common misconceptions about these loving animals really are. While a number of factors have led to pit bulls having a bad reputation, the truth is that when pit bulls receive the care, training, and attention they deserve, they can be among the most compassionate pets in the world. National Pit Bull Awareness Month In our firm’s most-recent newsletter, we featured two pit bulls, Danai and Declan, who were available for adoption. Pit bulls are constantly available for adoption throughout eastern New Jersey and the country, and we encourage anyone who has an interest in adopting a pit bull to visit their local animal shelter. October is a particularly good month to consider adopting a pit bull, as it has been designated as National Pit Bull Awareness Month. To view Hackensack’s local animal shelters and our view on having pets during a divorce, click here.

About National Pit Bull Awareness Month

National Pit Bull Awareness Month is recognized across the country. Established in 2007, it is a time for pit bull owners and anyone else who is passionate about animals to bring positive attention to the pit bull breed. The ASPCA is among the various organizations that support National Pit Bull Awareness Month (and National Pitbull Awareness Day, which is October 28, 2017), and it offers these tips for anyone who is interested in getting involved:
  • Learn interesting facts about pit bulls that you can share with your friends and neighbors and on social media.
  • Join in the fight against legislation that results in unfair treatment of pit bulls that have been subjected to dog fighting and other forms of abuse.
  • Consider adopting a pit bull into your family. If adopting is too impractical, you may also be able to foster a pit bull who is in need of a loving home.
  • If you already own a pit bull, you can still adopt another! The ASPCA also recommends that pit bull owners set good examples in their communities and help their dogs earn a Canine Good Citizen certificate from the American Kennel Club.
10 Years! With 2017 being the 10-year anniversary of the inaugural National Pit Bull Awareness Month, there is no better time for pit bull lovers to make their voices heard. Whether that means helping to spread the word or bringing a rescued pit bull home, every contribution matters. At MR. Men’s Rights Divorce & Family Law of New Jersey by Schultz & Associates, LLC, we will be celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Month with our beloved pit bulls, and we look forward to hearing stories from our clients and friends who decide to get involved.

Bringing a Pit Bull Into Your Family

As with any domesticated animal, when adopting a pit bull, there are a number of steps you can take to make your new pet’s transition as easy as possible. The advocacy organization BADRAP.org offers these suggestions:
  • Setting House Rules. During the initial weeks of your pit bull’s transition into your home, he or she should be kept confined when not being exercised, fed, or trained. This will allow your new pit bull to observe the rules of your household and avoid making mistakes that could prolong the transition period.
  • Train, Train, Train. Pit bulls love to learn and interact; and, the more you train your new pit bull, the happier and healthier he or she will be. From working on commands to establishing obedience at meal time, every interaction is an opportunity for growth and development.
  • Establish Routines. Routines are important for both humans and dogs. The more your pit bull knows what he or she can expect, the more appreciative he or she will be.
Most of all, if you decide to adopt a pit bull, have fun! You have made a big decision that will impact your family’s and your new pet’s lives for years to come. Celebrate, spend time together, and start building a relationship unlike any other.

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