Can the Non-Custodial Parent Travel with the Children?

One frequent question I receive as a Bergen County Child Custody Attorney, concerns whether or not the non-custodial parent can take the child outside the state of New Jersey, and the answer depends on what kind of travel is being contemplated.

  • If the travel is associated with a prearranged vacation – and both sides have been notified via a detailed itinerary, such as a return plane ticket – it should not be a really big issue.
  • If the travel is to another country, or removes the child from the state on a more permanent basis, it becomes important to avoid any kidnapping scenarios. In that case, the issue is whether or not some form of formal application for permanent removal of the child is required.

Are you a non-custodial parent looking to take your children on vacation?  Contact dedicated Bergen County Child Custody Attorney Carrie Schultz for guidance.

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