New Jersey couples divorce at a lower rate than any other state

In 1920, the divorce rate was 92.3 divorces per 1,000 females residing in the United States. Now, nearly a century later, the divorce rate measures in at the lowest it has been since that time. The rate has, of course, fluctuated in the 90-plus years, but researchers with Bowling Green’s National Center for Family and Marriage Research recently estimated that number to be just 31.1 divorces per 1,000 females. As for New Jersey, U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the number of divorces filed in the state is the lowest across the entire nation. Marty Tashman is an individual that deals with marriage on a regular basis, some might call her a marital expert. Tashman believes that the higher education level, economic status and even number of foreign residents living in the state “might be some of the reasons why we are making some divorce lawyers unhappy.” It is her educated opinion, but her statement appears to assume that divorce lawyers look at each case with a final divorce settlement in mind as the only option. If this is the assumption, it isn’t true. A good Hackensack divorce attorney does value marriage and works with couples to determine the best solution based on a client’s rights, interests and desires. In some cases, the best option is divorce while others may wish to request an annulment. Some couples may even want to define rights and expectations in a temporary or permanent legal separation agreement that allows them to remain married under the eyes of the law. In other instances, the process may help a couple understand that they really do want to give the marriage another chance. Statistics are good for helping to pinpoint trends, determine necessary policy changes or figure out what legal amendments might benefit the broadest number of individuals. Where divorce is concerned, each case is truly a personal matter and a solution should be based on the unique circumstances of the individual family. Source: New Jersey 101.5, “NJ Has Lowest Divorce Rate in the Country [AUDIO],” Joe Cutter, Feb. 26, 2014

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