Making your side of the divorce all about you

If you have been married for any length of time, you are probably accustomed to thinking of your spouse in every decision you make. This approach is usually great for marriage, but may be detrimental to your own needs during divorce. It can be difficult to overcome, this urge to consider your spouse’s side of the issues, but your side of divorce should be all about you. Divorce attorneys see this phenomenon often during case evaluations. When we are discussing divorce issues with our clients, many of them respond with, “she won’t agree,” or “he won’t do that.” The question you should be asking is, “so what?” Part of making your side of divorce all about you is overcoming that urge to accommodate your spouse. That time is in the past and apart from being unreasonable in your demands, it is time to stand up for yourself and for your rights. Of course, an amicable divorce is always the goal, but not at the cost of your own personal needs. Sometimes making selfish decisions is absolutely the right thing to do when a divorce is on the table. Decide what you will need to live a whole life and cultivate a secure future and then fight for those things. At the Schultz and Associates law firm, we understand how frightening it is to let go of your role as half of a whole. This is why we strive as hard as we can to advocate for those going through a divorce. With the right representation, you will not have to cope with these new concepts alone; instead, you can eventually shed your fears and eagerly step into your new role as a complete and individual person. Please browse the information on our New Jersey-centered website to learn more about the role of a supportive attorney during divorce.

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