Family law issues | When life stressors lead to marital trouble

For most residents of New Jersey, getting married is meant to be a lifetime commitment. No one who gets married usually expects the relationship to take a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, the reality is often much different from our expectations. Sometimes a couple divorces because they have grown apart, cheating occurs or problems simply build over time. However, there are times when trauma or stressors can lead to a sudden breakup. It is easy to judge people who seek divorce after a major life event, but at the same time we should always try to remember that individuals have different ways of responding to stress. It is usually these differing responses that can cause a break in a relationship. An article published last year in the news section of Health lists several stressors or life events that could eventually result in a broken marriage. They include:
  • A spouse contracting a chronic or serious illness
  • Unemployment or other abrupt changes in the job status of a spouse
  • Living away from one another as many military couples must do
  • Traumatic events such as an assault or the death of a family member
  • When children move away from the family home
Understanding how stress and trauma can affect a marriage may help couples avoid the deterioration of a once sound relationship. Awareness often fosters a greater desire to repair what went wrong and continue moving forward together. Seeking support from professionals, family or friends may also help. In the end, however, not all marriages can be saved. If you and your spouse are having difficulty managing some of the stressors life can bring, talking with a lawyer may provide solutions other than divorce. Learn more about family law issues and solutions by browsing our website.

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