What will be considered when determining spousal support?

Calculator and money New Jersey residents may have a right to some type of spousal support after a divorce. This could be granted in addition to child support, and it should be noted that both types of support are supposed to be used directly for the person for whom they are intended. For example, a parent can’t use child support on only himself or herself, as that’s what spousal support is for. To decide how much should be paid, the court will look at a lot of different factors. These could include the following: — How much income each spouse receives on a regular basis– How much property each spouse has already– What the overall earning capacity is for each person– If there are any significant impairments to this earning capacity– Who is in charge of raising children, if applicable– The standard of living that both people are used to– How long the marriage lasted– Any sacrifices one spouse made in terms of education or career opportunities– Any contributions either spouse made to the education and career of the other. You may notice that children are mentioned above, but that doesn’t mean that spousal support money is based on the cost of raising children, but the time commitment. Essentially, if one spouse can’t work and has no income because he or she needs to be home with the kids, the other spouse may have to pay more in spousal support to make this lifestyle possible.


As you go through a divorce, it’s very important to know about all financial obligations. Source: FindLaw, “The Find Law Guide to Spousal Support,” accessed Oct. 22, 2015

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