Bergen County Divorce Attorney Explains How to Determine Alimony

Man looking in wallet As an experienced Bergen County Divorce Attorney, many clients want to know how much they are going to have to pay or how much they’ll receive in alimony. In order to determine the amount, we have a general rule of thumb that we do from a practical standpoint. That rule of thumb is taking one-third the difference between your spouse’s salary and your salary. If you don’t have a salary, or if your spouse doesn’t have a salary, there are some exceptions we call imputation of income that we would have to be discussing. However, the one-third rule is by no means a rule; there are deviations from it high and low, and there are alimony factors that need to be considered in the totality of the calculation.

Are you going through a divorce and want to know how to determine the amount of alimony you will be receiving or paying?  If so, contact the experienced Bergen County Divorce Attorney Carrie Schultz. This educational blog was brought to you by Carrie Schultz, an experienced Bergen County Divorce Attorney.

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