Garner and Affleck likely moving forward with divorce

The eyes of America have been paying close attention to the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner marital situation. It seems the divorce is still moving forward even though to the casual observer, it does not look like the typical celebrity split. What is missing is the name calling and overall bitterness that typically emerges in a celebrity divorce. Could this high-profile couple be showing the world how celebrities and ordinary people should proceed with a break-up? Instead of engaging in the usual slurs and nasty comments, it appears that Affleck and Garner are proceeding in a more amicable manner. Sources say that the two have contact nearly every day, dealing with issues about the kids and other day-to-day matters. The source also said that Garner wants Affleck to be “around” for the children. Reportedly, Affleck still resides on the family property, living in the guesthouse. Further, it seems the couple spent the Christmas holiday together with their three children, enjoying a celebration in the mountains of Montana. Despite this appearance of familial harmony, the source reports that the divorce is still happening, adding that it does not seem likely that Garner will change her mind. Both celebrities have projects on the table and look to be moving forward with their individual lives despite the break-up. It is true that most divorces are difficult and extremely complicated. However, if the sources are right, Affleck and Garner’s split could serve as a model for success. By keeping the focus on parenting and the well-being of the children, perhaps harmony in divorce is a viable goal after all. Choosing the right attorney can also facilitate an ordinary New Jersey divorce. Proper guidance and a proactive approach will likely not remove all of the hardships divorce presents, but maybe such an approach can lessen the complications for all involved. Source: People Magazine, “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Divorce Isn’t on Hold: ‘It’s Hard to Imagine Her Changing Her Mind,’ Says Source,” accessed Dec. 30, 2015

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