Who to Call if Your Former Spouse or Partner Isn’t Paying Child Support

My Former Spouse or Partner Isn’t Paying Child Support. Should I Call the New Jersey Child Support Division or a Family Lawyer?

Non-payment of child support is among the most common legal issues that former spouses and partners face following a divorce or separation. From collecting back child support to locating a former spouse or partner who has ceased contact and moved away, there are numerous issues that can come up, and dealing with them requires a clear understanding of the options and legal remedies you have available. Should I call the NJ Child Support Division or a Family Lawyer? If you have questions about enforcing child support, a good place to go for information is the Child Support Division of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. It provides practical tips for custodial parents and a variety of self-help resources for parents in need of financial support. While you can contact the Child Support Division and ask for help, it’s important to understand the limits on the help the government can provide and to know when it may be necessary to seek legal representation.

Tools and Resources Available from the Child Support Division

The Child Support Division’s role is to provide assistance to parents who have questions about child support and who need help understanding the options that are available for establishing and enforcing child support awards. As such, it offers services such as: NJ Child Support Division role
  • An estimated child support payment calculator
  • Resources for making electronic child support payments and setting up direct deposit
  • Financial assistance programs for parents who temporarily need help
  • Access to information about your child custody case
  • Information about divorced and separated parents’ rights and responsibilities
If you have general questions about paying child support, or if you need help that is non-legal in nature, contacting the Child Support Division may be your best option for obtaining reliable information. Parents interested in contacting the Child Support Division can call the New Jersey Child Support Information Line at 1-877-NJKIDS1.

When Should You Hire a New Jersey Child Support Attorney?

When dealing with issues of child support enforcement in New Jersey, it will typically be in your best interests to speak with an attorney if you:
  • Need help choosing the best option for enforcing your right to child support (whether this means attempting to achieve an amicable resolution or pursuing legal remedies in court);
  • Need to garnish your former spouse’s or partner’s wages or intercept his or her tax refund; and/or
  • Need to deal with child custody or alimony issues in addition to dealing with issues related to child support enforcement. Consulting a specialized Bergen County child custody lawyer can provide the necessary legal guidance and representation to navigate these complex matters effectively.
These are just a few examples. Child support issues are often more complicated than they initially seem; and, to make the best decisions for you and your children, you need to rely on advice that is custom-tailored to your individual circumstances. If you need to enforce child support in New Jersey and would like to speak with an experienced child support lawyer, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential initial case evaluation.

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