How Drug and Alcohol Use Can Affect Your Parenting Time

Will Drug and Alcohol Use Affect Parenting Time?

Unfortunately, some of my cases  involve a parent or spouse who is involved with drugs and/or alcohol, and that impacts the issue of custody and parenting time.

  • One parent’s involvement with drugs and/or alcohol can significantly limit their access to the children.
  • Current and future discussions – and adjustments in parenting or visitation schedules – will be impacted by one parent’s involvement in drugs and/or alcohol.
  • The children’s safety is the first consideration, so the alcohol/drug-involved parent must seek the needed help.

Attorney Carrie Schultz Discusses How Drug and Alcohol Use Can Affect Parenting Time

Do you or your child’s other parent have a problem with drugs or alcohol?  Contact dedicated New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer Carrie Schultz for help.

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