If you are a victim of domestic violence, you deserve assistance

Most people think about divorce or matters involving children when they think about family law, but attorneys who practice in this field offer many different services. One such service is advocating for and assisting those who are victims of domestic violence. In our New Jersey practice, we seek to educate these victims as well. One way we do this is by assuring them that they deserve to seek protection and assistance through the law. Unfortunately, exposure to domestic violence can have serious effects on the victim. Physically, victims suffer from injury to the body—sometimes severe—but the emotional and mental trauma they experience is often more catastrophic. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociation from life are just a few of the side effects brought on by domestic violence. There are many reasons victims of violence might not come forward including fear and shame. However, inaction helps neither the victim nor the perpetrator. Only by seeking help can victims begin to heal, and only by exposure can perpetrators also get the help they need to stop their unwanted behavior. If you are one of the many who are living with domestic violence, please understand that you need help, but more importantly, you deserve help. No one deserves to be subjected to physical, mental or emotional abuse. It can be frightening to contemplate what taking action entails, but the law can help protect you while you start your life anew.

The first step is removing yourself from the violence. Contact our office for assistance with this important step. You should also consider learning how a restraining order can offer you protection as you begin a healthy new chapter in your life.

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