Domestic violence influences New Jersey visitations

New Jersey judges encourage parent-child relationships in the wake of a parental breakup. Courts will do everything possible to strengthen non-custodial parents’ ties to their children. Children benefit from regular parental contact. The rights of a parent accused of domestic violence can be limited or depending upon circumstances, severed completely. A history of abuse will impact custody and visitation decisions. Spouses or unmarried individuals who fear partners can take actions to curb the abuse. Lawyers can help expedite petitions for restraining orders and orders of protection. Attorneys also assist parents who have been charged with abuses they did not commit. Domestic violence charges may be filed whether violence is physical or verbal. Destruction of property, stalking, break-ins, unlawful imprisonment and other behaviors may lead to criminal charges. Separation, divorce and child custody conflicts can be motivators for abusive individuals. What do parents stand to lose? Many divorced Hackensack parents share legal custody of their children. Both parents have decision-making powers for child-rearing, medical care, education and other important issues. Primary physical custody belongs to the parent with whom the child most often resides. A domestic violence charge may strip a parent of custody or visitation rights. In some circumstances, supervised visitations are approved. When possible, courts generally move toward transitioning from supervised visits to unsupervised visits, provided previous problems are resolved.


Family law attorneys know child custody and visitation cases can be extremely sensitive matters, particularly when one parent is accused of a crime. Any parent who fears abuse or a repeat of violence should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You have the right to seek protection for yourself and your children. Parents, facing the loss of visitation privileges or parental rights over a wrongful accusation, also should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you prove you are a fit parent or worthy of visitations.

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