Bergen County Child Custody Lawyer Discusses How Mediation Can Help with the Children

I often speak to parents as a Bergen County Child Custody Lawyer, who are going through divorce and are fighting over the children.  Although you and your spouse may be going through a divorce, both of you will still be parents forever. That’s why it is important to be cognizant of the impact of our efforts and whether we’re making the relationship between you and your spouse worse or better. It is always a good option to try going to mediation instead of up the courthouse steps in an attempt to maintain some level of friendliness between you and your spouse for the benefit of your children. The children’s best interest must always be the focus, so it is important to avoid allowing the divorce to tear the family apart even more.

Are you and your spouse unable to agree on the best interests of your children?  Contact experienced Bergen County Child Custody Lawyer Carrie Schultz.

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