New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Explains the Contested Divorce Process

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer I am often asked about the contested divorce process.  A contested divorce means that there are issues that need to be resolved between you and your spouse. A contested divorce usually involves custody, parenting time, child support, college contribution, equitable distribution of the assets, and a discussion regarding alimony. Once you and your spouse with the help of attorneys and mediators and even the court system resolve all of those issues, then your matter will move into the uncontested phase. Once it’s uncontested you and your spouse can get divorced.

Are you about to go through a contested divorce and want to know more about the process?  If so, contact the experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Carrie Schultz. This educational blog was brought to you by Carrie Schultz, an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer.

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