Bergen County Divorce Lawyer Discusses College Expenses

Mother and child As an experienced Bergen County Divorce Lawyer I am often asked how divorced spouses will pay for their children’s college expenses.  In New Jersey, the issue of whether or not a divorcing couple is obligated to pay for their children’s college cost is a very interesting issue. When you’re married, the state and the courts don’t step in to make you pay for your children’s college. However, divorcing couples are required to pay for the children’s college in some proportion. However, the amount of how much you’re going to have to pay depends on where the child’s going to go to school, whether the child gets grants, scholarships, loans, or the work study. The child is obligated to help subsidize their own cost through college. Then the parents contribute in some proportionate split to anything, if any amount is remaining.

Do you want to know if you will have to pay money towards your child’s college expense after divorce?  Let one of our experienced Divorce lawyers work with you on the issue. This educational blog was brought to you by Carrie Schultz, an experienced Bergen County Divorce Lawyer.

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