The other side of child custody | A successful parenting plan

family walking Parents going through divorce proceedings in New Jersey will hear different terms when the subject of child custody comes up. One of these terms is a parenting plan, which simply means the agreement parents come to about how individual parenting time is addressed. A good parenting plan centered on the child’s needs is more valuable than you may think if you are just getting started with your divorce. However, the sooner you address the need for such a plan, the smoother your child custody proceedings may be. A good parenting plan not only puts the parenting time schedule into writing; it places the child’s need above all else. However, this does not mean the parents become a slave to their plan while letting their own needs fall by the wayside. Instead, a parenting plan can make all the difference in whether or not a parent feels fulfilled in other ways. For example, with a solid plan, each parent can give personal meaning to their free time without feeling guilty. By having a schedule to rely on, parents are able to run their errands and attend to their individual affairs without taking time away from the children. The kids benefit from one-on-one time with each parent as well as the stability a regularly-scheduled parenting plan offers. In any divorce involving children, parents should make a successful parenting plan one of their top priorities. Working together collaboratively or even through attorney representation can pave the way for success in the lives of their children and in their own lives.


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