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Divorcing Spouse Who Lives in Another State

Divorcing a spouse who lives in another state has its challenges, but you can do it. The end of your marriage shouldn't be put on hold simply because you are in different states. There are specific procedures you can follow that can help you get started. To divorce a spouse in another state, you can: Determine whether you will file a fault or no-fault divorce Determine whether you can file your divorce in a New Jersey Court; If so[ ... ]

Are Text Messages Acceptable Evidence in NJ Divorce Court?

It’s never been easier for us to communicate with our family and loved ones via emails, social media direct messages and text messages. Still, these electronic messages may also portray the negative aspects of a marital relationship. If a marriage is heading toward divorce, text messages may be accepted as evidence in divorce court. If you are divorcing in New Jersey, be very careful what you say in text messages to your spouse or others. Consider that any[ ... ]

Stages of Divorcing a Narcissist

Do you feel your needs are put last? Do you feel manipulated and degraded? Are you ready for the constant highs and lows to end? Divorce can be relatively straightforward or very complicated, depending on the personalities of the individuals involved. Ending a marriage to a narcissist is often among the most difficult of divorce scenarios, because people with this personality disorder typically have an inflated sense of superiority, are manipulative and show[ ... ]

What can I expect in My Divorce if my Spouse has a Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders can wreak havoc in marriages, making life miserable for you and your children. It is not surprising that these mental health conditions are associated with higher rates of divorce, domestic abuse and other problems. But while divorce can be hard in any situation, divorcing a spouse with a personality disorder is often exponentially harder. People with these disorders can be very emotionally reactive and may lash out with explosive anger, try to[ ... ]

Do Both Parents Have to Pay for College?

If you are/were married, both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children following divorce, which may include paying for college. In the 1982 case of Newburgh V. Arrigo, 88 N.J. 529, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that parents’ duty to provide children an education includes college. What this basically means is t[ ... ]

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