Category: High Net Worth Divorce

Category: High Net Worth Divorce

How to Divorce a Narcissistic Wife in NJ

There’s no denying how difficult your life can be if you end up married to a narcissistic person and going through a divorce in New Jersey with this type of individual can be even more difficult. You may constantly feel off balance throughout the divorce because you cannot predict what your narcissistic wife will say or do next to get what she wants. If you want out of your marriage to a narcissist, it is beneficial for you to get help from a [ ... ]

What Does Irreconcilable Differences Mean in a Divorce?

Filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences in New Jersey has continued to be a popular option in recent years for spouses in troubled marriages. However, many soon-to-be-former couples are continuously encouraged to undergo their divorce proceedings on these grounds without fully comprehending what “irreconcilable differences” technically means. Vocabulary is always an essential aspect of any divorce process, which is why it’s impor[ ... ]

Divorce can be complicated without a legal professional involved

Getting a divorce is never easy. You have to think about how it will go: easy or hard. You can enter into divorce mediation if both of you agree and sign a contract[ ... ]

New Jersey Divorce Process (for Men)

For millions of Americans, divorce is a reality of life. No matter what your intentions may have been when you entered into marriage, something changed — and you know that the marriage cannot be saved. The process of divorce can be incredibly stressful. Not only are you dealing with the break up with your family,[ ... ]

Coping with New Jersey Spouses Reluctant to Divorce

One of the most difficult moments in anyone's life can be acknowledging a marriage is over. Some Hackensack spouses reach that conclusion alone. Asking for a divorce is hard enough without resistance from a spouse, but mismatched desires about preserving a marriage aren't unco[ ... ]

New Jersey Divorce Reform Ends Life-Long Alimony

Back in the days when dual-income households were few and far between, continued financial support was vital support for non-working spouses at the end of a marriage. One spouse, almost always the wife, often did not have the education or skills to become self-sufficient following a Hackensack divorce. Courts awarded alimony to balance the former spou[ ... ]

His, mine and ours: Property ownership in a New Jersey Marriage

Family law attorneys often discuss the property rights of individuals before marriage and when couples break up. For a change, let's look at the property of Hackensack[ ... ]

Should you hide money during a divorce?

Money is always a central topic when it comes to divorce in New Jersey and elsewhere, and it is very important for those who are going through a divorce[ ... ]

New trend in divorce keeps couples out of court

Typical divorces involve the divorcing couple, at least two attorneys, a judge and possibly other people involved in the court system. The divorce results are determined by a judge and the timing of the divorce is subject to the court's schedule. A new trend in divorce is taking the[ ... ]

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