Category: Domestic Violence

Category: Domestic Violence

How to Defend Yourself against False Allegations of Abuse during Divorce

Act Quickly to Get Legal Help When You Have Been Accused Domestic violence is a serious issue in New Jersey and throughout the country, and accusations of abuse should never be taken lightly. But with that being said, too many times spouses going through a divorce use false allegations as a weapon to get the upper hand in child custody proceedings or to get back at their spouse. When an accused spouse does not have a strong defense, the spouse makin[ ... ]

The Process of Dismissing a Final Restraining Order

Dismissing a final restraining order requires that you go to the courthouse where you will be referred to the domestic violence unit. They will counsel you as to whether or not you truly want to dismiss the order – based on whether or not you feel safe in view of the fact that, at one point, you felt a need to file for a restraining order. Once the[ ... ]

How to Hire an Attorney for a Domestic Abuse Situation

In my opinion as an experienced New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer, when facing a domestic violence situation – whether you’re the victim or the person accused of domestic violence – it is imperative that you speak with an attorney. Many more ramifications can result from the domestic violence situation, and it is importan[ ... ]

New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney Discusses Receiving a Final Restraining Order

Clients often come to me as a New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney, when they have received a final restraining order.  If you receive a[ ... ]

New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer Explains the Other Options of Going to Trial

Clients often come to me as a New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyer, and ask if their are any other options than going to a domestic violence trial.  You don’t nece[ ... ]

Bergen County Domestic Violence Attorney on Temporary Restraining Orders

As an experienced Bergen County Domestic Violence Attorney I am often asked about temporary restraining orders.  A temporary restraining order means that one spouse believes that they are a vict[ ... ]

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you deserve assistance

Most people think about divorce or matters involving children when they think about family law, but attorneys who practice in this field offer many different services. One such service is advocating for and assisting those who are victims of[ ... ]

Domestic violence influences New Jersey visitations

New Jersey judges encourage parent-child relationships in the wake of a parental breakup. Courts will do everything possible to strengthen non-custodial parents' ties to their children. Children benefit from regular[ ... ]

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