Category: Business Valuation

Category: Business Valuation

5 Tips for Protecting Your Business During Your NJ Divorce

As a business owner, protecting your business is likely to be of the most important aspects of your divorce. The last thing you want is for your (soon-to-be-former) spouse to have a say in how you run things once your marriage is over. If you fail to adequately protect your business during your divorce, this could be a very real possibility. Protecting Your Business[ ... ]

Divorce can be complicated without a legal professional involved

Getting a divorce is never easy. You have to think about how it will go: easy or hard. You can enter into divorce mediation if both of you agree and sign a contract[ ... ]

Property division during a New Jersey divorce

Each state decides how spousal property is divided when a marriage ends. Where equitable distribution rules apply, as they do in New Jersey, spouses are supposed to receive fair but not necessarily equal shares of[ ... ]

His, mine and ours: Property ownership in a New Jersey Marriage

Family law attorneys often discuss the property rights of individuals before marriage and when couples break up. For a change, let's look at the property of Hackensack[ ... ]

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