Category: Child Support

Category: Child Support


When parents are not married, there could be more legal complications regarding children if they split up, or if the parents were never together as a couple in the first place. This is why the New Jersey Court’s have a whole separate part of the Courthouse to assist and help those father’s who were never married to the other parent.  Unmarried fathers who wish to be part of their children’s lives may first need to take steps to establish that they are indeed t[ ... ]


Both parents are responsible for supporting their children financially following divorce. While child support payments include money for food, clothing, housing, medical care, and, often, payment for college,[ ... ]

Who Has Custody of a Child When the Parents Are Not Married in New Jersey?

As hard as it is for some divorcing couples to resolve child-related legal issues, the task can be even more difficult for New Jersey parents who were never married. Unmarried parents often have additional steps to take before they can resolve any disputes regarding child custody, visitation, and child support. One of the first steps is to establish the father’s paternity—without paternity being established, a man will not have custody or visitation rights. If you[ ... ]

What to Do When Your Child Blames You For a Divorce

Sometimes a Child Blames One Parent for A Divorce: What if Its You? Six Tips to Help Dads Salvage Your Relationship with Your Child Divorces are emotional for everyone involved, and they’re not simple. Often, it can get so complicated that children end up as collateral damage. One way that this shows up can be in their rel[ ... ]

Mothers Fail to Pay Child Support at a Higher Rate than Fathers

The “deadbeat dad” is an image that has been imprinted on us for generations. In fact, when most people hear that someone isn’t paying child support, they automatically assume that it is the child’s father. However, according to an[ ... ]

Who to Call if Your Former Spouse or Partner Isn’t Paying Child Support

My Former Spouse or Partner Isn’t Paying Child Support. Should I Call the New Jersey Child Support Division or a Family Lawyer? Non-payment of child support is among the most common legal issues that former spouses and partners face following a divorce or separation. From collecting back child support to locating a former spouse or partner who has ceased contact and moved away, there are numerous issues that can come up, and dealing with them requires a clear[ ... ]

Bergen County Child Support Lawyer Explains What to do if Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

As an experienced Bergen County Child Support Lawyer I am often asked what one should do if their ex stops paying their child support.  If you have a court order and your spouse stops paying the support-ordered obligation, you can certainly file an application in court for an enforcement. A lot[ ... ]

Bergen County Child Support Attorney Discusses Termination

As an experienced Bergen County Child Support Attorney I am often asked if and when child support is terminated. Child support in New Jersey typically goes up until a child turns 18. However, it could go longer or shorter depending on some factors. Child support could contin[ ... ]

Bergen County Child Support Attorney Explains how to Determine Child Support

As an experienced Bergen County Child Support Attorney I am often asked how child support is determined.  Child support in New Jersey is governed by the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. In order to determine the amount of child support, we need take varying information and put it into the guidelines. Such information includes both party’s income, the amount of[ ... ]

Celebrity must remain on surrogate-born child’s birth certificate

For nearly two years, television personality, Sherri Shepherd, has fought to sever ties with a son born to her and ex-husband Lamar Sally via a surrogate. Most recently, the former co-host of the talk show,[ ... ]

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