Cost Of Divorce in New Jersey

There is no standard cost for a divorce in New Jersey because every situation is different. Uncontested divorces in which spouses are in agreement on everything (and everything being the important word here) are typically less expensive than contested divorces involving disagreements on some or most of the issues. Highly contentious divorces requiring extensive courtroom litigation because the parties cannot agree on anything, are the costliest. Following is a discus[ ... ]

What Documents are Needed to File for Divorce in NJ?

Proper Paperwork for Filing for Divorce in NJ When filing for a divorce, the paperwork can be a challenge. For example, what documents are needed to file for divorce in NJ? It can take a lot of work to keep track of, as can knowing what purpose they serve and who they should be sent to. The Legal Services of[ ... ]

Is An Inheritance Marital Property in NJ?

Divorce is incredibly common in our country. According to statistics, Americans divorce at a rate of 2.3 per 1,000 people. If you are considering divorce, you likely have several concerns: Will you get custody of or visitation with your kids? Will you have to pay alimony? What will your child support payments be like? How much of your assets will you have to split? Wil[ ... ]

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