$800,000 bail upheld for accused kidnapping dad

In a story that highlights the child custody struggles some parents experience, a New Jersey father accused of kidnapping his two young sons will face a bail of $800,000. The father was captured last month at a New Port Richley, Florida, motel after six weeks on the run with the two boys. According to the news report, the father will face charges of interference of custody and kidnapping, with the kidnapping complaint signed just last week by Sussex County Superior Court judge. An assistant prosecutor for Sussex County requested that the father’s bail be maintained at $800,000 and that he not be given a 10 percent bail option. The judge granted the prosecutor’s request. The assistant prosecutor said authorities believe the father planned the abduction in advance in an effort to “permanently deprive” the boys’ mother of custody. Further, the news report revealed that the father and the boys were keeping company with another man who faced multiple sexual assault, rape and battery charges in 2013. Reportedly, the authorities tracked the group’s locations by triangulating a cellphone registered to the man traveling with the father and his sons. The two young boys are now back with their mother. While most child custody battles will never see such extreme behavior on the part of either parent, it is a good lesson to take child custody situations seriously. When both parents work together cooperatively, it is often possible to reach a fair agreement that satisfies parents and their children. When an agreement seems impossible, consider working with a divorce attorney to expedite matters and maybe gain a deeper perspective on working cooperatively. Source: NJ.com, “Judge maintains $800K bail for Hopatcong dad accused of kidnapping sons,” Kimberly Redmond, April. 02, 2015

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