3 Things To Know About Child Custody If You Are Going Through a Divorce

When going through a divorce it is often common to have questions that you need to reach out for help.  When going through a divorce, one of the most common questions are dealing with children.  Children are the most important thing to keep in mind when entering into a divorce. Child and parents

1.) Using Mediation for the Children

Although you and your spouse may be going through a divorce, both of you will still be parents forever. That’s why it is important to be cognizant of the impact of our efforts and whether we’re making the relationship between you and your spouse worse or better. It is always a good option to try going to mediation instead of up the courthouse steps in an attempt to maintain some level of friendliness between you and your spouse for the benefit of your children. The children’s best interest must always be the focus, so it is important to avoid allowing the divorce to tear the family apart even more.
  • Because divorced parents are still parents, it is important that they remain cognizant of how their relationship affects their children.
  • Mediation – as opposed to court hearings – can help maintain a level of friendliness between spouses and benefit the children.
  • Keeping the children’s best interest as your main focus can minimize long-term damage to parent-child relationships.

2.) Parenting Time Schedules

Parenting Time Schedules When it comes to parenting time schedules, it is important to remember that they are always customizable to work for your family. The plan can be as detailed – or as liberal and vague – as you need it to be, depending on how well the parents are able to work together to effectuate a parenting schedule that works for the best interest of the children.
    • Parenting time schedules are always customizable and can be adapted to work for your family.
    • Visitation plans can be very detailed or somewhat vague, depending on the parents ability to work together.
    • The goal is to arrive at a schedule that works for the best interest of the children.


3.) Drug and Alcohol Use

Drug and Alcohol Use Unfortunately, some of my cases involve a parent or spouse who is involved with drugs and/or alcohol, and that impacts the issue of custody and parenting time. One parent’s involvement in drugs and/or alcohol can significantly impact both the current parenting or visitation schedule and future discussion. First and foremost, it is essential that the children are safe. Then, the parent or spouse must seek the help they need.
  • One parent’s involvement with drugs and/or alcohol can significantly limit their access to the children.
  • Current and future discussions – and adjustments in parenting or visitation schedules – will be impacted by one parent’s involvement in drugs and/or alcohol.
  • The children’s safety is the first consideration, so the alcohol/drug-involved parent must seek the needed help.
If you are going through or starting the divorce process and have children, it is important to have an attorney who has experience in these areas.  Let one of our experienced Child Custody Attorneys in NJ guide you through your matter. This educational blog post was brought to you by Carrie Schultz, an experienced New Jersey Child Custody Attorney.

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